Tuesday, January 13, 2015


One evening, about two weeks before Christmas, Adam and I upon returning home noticed a cat sleeping in a basket in our garage, then another running past the car, and yet another jumping onto the wood stacked in our garage! Adam was not too thrilled. The garage is his special place to work on projects and he didn't like the idea of having his space overtaken by cats. But the evening was too dark to try and do anything about them.

The following day while I was cooking in the kitchen I noticed three kittens sitting in front of the garage. One orange tabby, a calico and then the smallest looked part Maine Coon. A little later I saw that the smallest kitten was sitting on the edge of the planter by my kitchen window. I couldn't help but notice that she was adorable!
 That evening we had a lot of snow, and the following morning while looking out my kitchen window I once again saw the kittens. This time however the orange tabby was sitting by the garage alone, and the little Maine Coon kitty was sitting in a rut of snow in our driveway. She looked so cold and alone! I went out thinking that I would probably scare her into going back into the garage, but when I came closer she looked up and began to purr! I then took her into our front porch and gave her food, water and a hot water bottle. 

I then proceeded to call all of the animal shelters in our county, and the next, in hopes of finding a place that would take her and hopefully the other two cats. The response I was met with was disheartening! Everyone told me that they did not have room for cats, and some of them actually seemed annoyed that I would bother them. 

When Adam came home he decided that we could keep her. I was pretty happy. : ) Adam took her to the vets later in the week and discovered she was quite ill, and that if we had not taken her in she would have lost her eyes or died.
The following week I discovered the poor little calico cat had died. Our guess was that the snow storm was too much for her. Thankfully the tabby had stayed in the garage and was protected from the weather. Adam was able to catch her soon after Christmas.
We asked our family and friends if they would be willing to adopt the orange tabby, as she too was very sweet and friendly. At first it seemed we would not be able to find her a home, and we were considering keeping her ourselves, even though we really did not want three cats with the expense of vet bills. Mom and I were talking on the phone one afternoon about the situation and decided to pray. That evening a friend of Adam mentioned that his family was looking into adopting a cat. They live two hours away, so Adam had not considered them, but they had planned to drive out our way to visit family and said they would love to adopt her! I was amazed at how quickly God answered our prayer!!Her new family came for her over the weekend, and from what I hear she is quite happy.

 The little kitty we kept is growing healthier and is very happy too! I named her "Tasha" because she made me think of the cats in Tasha Tudor's artwork.
And to end the post I though I better include a photo of Winston. I wouldn't want him to feel slighted. : ) He and Tasha get along quite well, and have enjoyed their time sleeping by the wood stove this past week.


  1. Hello. I just found your blog and I love it! I would love for you to share some of your great posts each Wednesday on the link up parties I host at somuchathome.blogspot.com. Have a blessed week.
    So Much At Home

  2. She is indeed very adorable, Sarah! And what a sweet Christmas gift too! How wonderful you took her in ~ I'm sure she is one delightfully happy kitty - she looks so contented too! Thank you to the great Lord for helping you find a home for the other darling...He works in such amazing ways! Thank you for sharing this sweet story with us ~ it was a joy to read! Blessings to you, dear Sarah! Hugs, Kelly

  3. How lovely and what a luck, that they came to you...
    Winston looks like my cat, he came as a homeless and ill to me too.
    Greetings from Germany

  4. Aww, what lovely kitties! Being such a softy towards cats, I'd want to adopt all of them. ;) Growing up, my family have always had a cat or two, and while there have been times where there is frustration and the words of "no more after these are gone!" somehow they weave their little personalities and loyalty into our hearts. :)

  5. Oh, what sweet little kitties! Tasha looks a lot like my cat. :D What a blessing these fuzzy little creatures can be. :)

  6. Aww...Sarah what a touching story.
    Bless you for taking them in and sorry one didn't make it.
    The Lord was good and gracious in hearing your prayers.
    We have a cat and a house broken rabbit for pets. They bring joy to our hearts.

    I enjoyed this post.

  7. My dear Sarah, my heart is totally melting right now :) What a precious story! I am so glad you were able to keep Tasha - she is simply lovely. And how wonderful that the orange tabby now has a new home. It's a blessing to see that God cares about even the little things like a home for the orange cat.

    Thank you for sharing this heart-warming post. Hugs to you!

  8. Oh Sarah how lucky they were to have found you & so sad the other one did not make it. Tasha looks so much like George but he has white feet. he was the runt of the the litter & such a small little one. I bet your home is full of fun at the moment with Tasha, such a blessing.
    Such a lovely post.
    Fondly Michelle

  9. Those are beautiful cats! How nice of you to take Tasha in and find a home for the other. The fate of homeless cats is sad--especially ones that have been abandoned. We live out here in the country and have had so many stray animals come to our place.

  10. So glad you were able to keep her and find another home, praise for answered prayers!

  11. Aw, I'm so glad you were able to rescue them! I love cats; I have such a soft spot, it's really good to hear of people doing their best to take in and give strays good homes. I hate the thought of poor kitties out in the stormy winter!

  12. I too was thinking of Tasha Tudor when I saw that delightful little bundle of fur. I was thinking of getting a cat recently and your post has made me think more seriously about it. Cats are such sweet companions!

  13. I love anyone who rescues cats. Sad to hear that one died. Cats are much loved in our home, I couldn't imagine not having at least one in the house. One of ours was dumped at Christmas time as a tiny little girl of no more than 6 weeks. Some how she found our home and garden and took refuge as it was a day of over 100F and she won't have lasted much longer. We gave her milk to drink and gradually she started to trust us. Now, 7 years later she is our much loved cat called Charlie. She doesn't trust people and only loves my husband and I, I think she still remembers those very early days of her life.

  14. What sweet kitties and what kind hearts you and your husband have. Bless you for caring for God's creatures.

  15. Oh, my, I was searching the internet for some of Tasha's writings about Springtime to include in my monthly newsletter to my hospital volunteers and ran across your precious story. What sweet darlings those cats are and thank you for your tender heart.