Monday, November 10, 2014

Jemimah's First Dirndl

 Every October my sister Rachel hosts an Oktoberfest dinner at her home. Rachel is a terrific cook, and with our German background on my mom's side, preparing a German feast seems to come naturally to Rachel. It is an event we anticipate each year!

This year we were all hoping to dress in German attire, but with time limitations we were only able to sew outfits for the little ones. I sewed Jemimah her first little embroidered dirndl.

For years now my mom has been sewing German inspired outfits for our business. We had designed patterns for girls' sizes over the years, but did not have one small enough for a newborn. Adam suggested I might use my doll pattern, and maybe he had a good suggestion! : )

I decided to design my own pattern by drawing out the pattern shapes, but in scale with a newborn jumper pattern I had on hand. It ended up being too big, but I know she will eventually grow into it.

I hand embroidered the inset, but was unable to get a good close-up. It was fun to use the colors from the skirts calico in the embroidery.

And here is a photo of my mom, with my nephew Micah wearing the lederhosen that mom designed and sewed. They were adorable, but it is really hard to take a photo of a two year old!