Saturday, October 28, 2017

Embroidered Pillowcases

   Awhile ago I found this image on Pinterest. I just loved how the letters in "dream" where created with flowers. I also really liked the colors and the addition of pink crocheted trim. I decided to search for a similar pattern and found the exact same design here! I just knew that my little girl would love to rest her head on such a pretty pillowcase.

In the evenings I would spend time embroidering this set of pillowcases, and Jemimah would often watch me working and tell me how pretty they were. Adam also took notice, and commented on how much fun it looked. He asked if it was like coloring in a coloring book and I agreed it was a little like that. : )
 Growing up I remember seeing pillowcases that my great-great grandma from Germany had embroidered and crocheted. I thought they were so pretty and wanted to learn to make something like that myself.
The pillowcase set above is a set I made as a teenager. When the set was completed I tucked them away in my hope chest (which can be seen in this picture).
 Currently they are being used decoratively on our bed. They look so lovely and old-fashioned.
This was also my first attempt at adding crocheted edging to a pillowcase. Here is a link to a post from last year about creating your own crochet edged pillowcase!
 And to close, I thought I would share some pictures of my very first embroidery project!

I will never forget the warm summer day I learned to embroider. I was nine, and was feeling a little bored that day, so I decided to tinker with some old sewing thread and scrap fabric. Much to my mom's surprise I had satin stitched a little flower on the fabric. Mom was so pleased she took my sisters and I to the store where she purchased two sets of pillowcases to be embroidered, a box of embroidery thread, along with needles and hoops.

I was a little overwhelmed, but tried to work on the stamped design. However, within the next few days we went to visit my great grandma and she taught me the basics of embroidery: how to separate my thread, make a French knot, etc.
Grandma ended up having as much fun teaching me as I had learning! She embroidered this pillowcase while I embroidered mine.
 I was so proud of my finished pillowcase! My great grandma was too. For my tenth birthday she gave me two embroidery kits. I am so grateful to have such sweet memories of sitting beside my great grandma learning to embroider with both of us working on our matching pillowcases. I look forward to someday soon passing along this gift to my own little Jemimah. : )

Monday, October 16, 2017

Cricket in Cream

Earlier this month I finished knitting the Cricket sweater for my little girl.  When I first saw this cardigan pattern I was immediately taken with the little details: the textured knitting about the shoulders, the little pockets and the button binding. It reminded me of the sweaters worn by the children on "The Road to Avonlea" show. 
 I knitted the size 2 after reading that this pattern runs a little big. I am very happy that I did, as the size 2 is a bit big on my three year old! However I am pleased that it will last a while. : )
 The textured design was easily knitted and adds such old-fashioned sweetness to the sweater!
This was the first time I had knitted the neck and button ribbing after completing the body of the sweater. The button hole tutorial provided with the pattern was very nice and made nice sturdy button holes. I also loved the idea of adding embroidered ribbon to further stabilize the buttons and buttonholes.
 The vintage pearl buttons I used were a gift from a sweet blogging friend and were the perfect finishing touch!
This was my first attempt at knitting pockets. It proved to be much easier than I thought and my little darling is so pleased to have a sweater with pockets!