Thursday, May 21, 2015

Clothes Pin Bags

Spring is in full bloom where I live. We have been enjoying this beautiful season of flowers, gardening, birds and sunshine! One of my favorite things about spring is being able to hang my laundry outside on the clothes line. This year I finally made myself a clothes pin bag. It is extremely handy and cute. I sewed my bag from "calico" cat fabric. It seemed fitting since we have so many cats in our area.
It was such fun to sew that I decided to sew up a couple for my Etsy shop. You can check them out here.
                                                I also added some new aprons.
Also, several of the books in the shop are marked down 50% for a limited time.
Hope you all are enjoying this delightful season! I plan to be back soon with a post of our recent projects. May you have a blessed day!