Thursday, February 14, 2019

Frontier Shirt

 Each Christmas I try to make a special gift for Adam. This year I made Adam a Cavalry/Frontier shirt. I have admired this style shirt for gentlemen for quite a while and have dreamed of sewing one for Adam.
Last winter Adam and I watched "Call of the Wild" from 1935. We both really enjoyed the movie, and Adam decided that he must have a shirt like the one Clark Gable and his friend wore in the movie. The shirts worn in the movie were sewn from a thick checked wool. The shirts looked so warm and cozy, just perfect for traveling across Alaska. It seemed the perfect time to sew Adam a square bib shirt.
I was excited to begin work on the shirt, but had a little difficulty finding a pattern, mostly because I didn't know what to call the style. I was delighted when I came across the Folkwear Frontier Shirt Pattern. After more than one failure in making garments for Adam I went forward with this project with much caution. Thankfully I found the pattern to be extremely well designed! All of the pieces went together perfectly and the construction methods recommended by the pattern were perfect.
I love all of the details in the design of this shirt. The front "bib" covers a slit in the front, so the shirt can easily be pulled over the head.
The construction method for the back yoke was terrific and went together with greater ease than I had expected. It looks a bit wrinkled in the picture due to a number of washings and it is flannel. When I make another Frontier shirt for Adam I plan to use wool or at least a wool blend.
I also liked how the v-design from the back yoke was mimicked in the cuff.

Most of all I am so pleased that Adam is enjoying his shirt! He loves to wear it on the weekends while working outside. He says that it more comfortable than wearing a t-shirt and yet keeps him nice and warm. He has even chopped wood while wearing this shirt and claims that it allows him a greater range of arm motion than a typical button up shirt.