Monday, January 5, 2015

Chasing Butterflies

Chasing Butterfiles

Home: The kitchen sink-
Piles and piles of dishes
To be washed.

Every day
Three times
Throughout the yeasr.
Miles of dishes for a life-
And years of time. 

Fame: Rehearsing for the play
An opera to be learned.
The camera- day and night
Before the picture's done.

Dull- tedious hours.

A book propped on a shelf-
A flower in a vase-
The busy hands at work
While thoughts go winging forth
Like butterflies
To seek the new.

Life worth while.

From "Cooking Menus Service" by Ida Bailey Allen 1934


  1. Hello dear Sarah and Happy New Year :) This was such a delight to read, my dear. Thank you for sharing. Hugs and blessings to you!

  2. Happy New Year Sarah :0) This was so lovely to read. The task of washing dishes can be so mundane...but I use it to pray, and it makes the work go faster ;0) be blessed! mari

  3. Hello, This was just so sweet and it did remind me of how any task in our kitchens can be looked at as lovely and accomplishes so much! Why do we always think we have to have everything large and complex? I love to have my hands in the sink with the warm water and soap bubbles on my hands!
    Thanks for sharing! Hugs, Roxy

  4. Dear Sarah ... I love the photo that you have shared. It shares such warmth and love for the heart of our home ... the kitchen. We do dishes in our little kitchen by hand. We do not have a dish washer and I would not even want one. I am the dish washer and my hubby is the dish dryer. I have never asked him to dry the dishes, but I am thankful that he has chosen to help me. The photo reminds me very much of my kitchen window over our kitchen sink and how nice it is to enjoy the outdoors as we do up our dishes. Thank you for sharing. ♥ Teri

  5. Thus was lovely, Sarah, and that photo brings with it a calming peace watching her look out the window.

    I have a kitchen window over my sink that over looks the creek and I just love it. Our place is a small cabin nestled in the mountains.
    God has richly blessed us.
    I enjoy the peaceful quiet life as Gods beauty surrounds me.

    I came over to visit with you from my dear Stephanie's link up party.
    You have a lovely place here.

    Joy to you! Debbie

  6. It is truly a life worth while! :)

  7. Blessings for the New Year of 2015, Sarah - may it be a beautiful one for you and your dear family! Hugs to you, Kelly