Monday, January 19, 2015

My Dutch Inspired Kitchen

Growing up I always loved my mom's blue and white decor throughout the house. Mom has a lovely set of Wedgewood dishes that she has always displayed on a china rack that my dad built for her when I was little. All throughout the house there are hints of blue and white, but most predominately  in the kitchen. Mom even has a little Delft windmill. I guess mom's love of blue and white has been an inspiration to me.
I love Delft windmills and pretty blue and white dishes. With the cream walls and wood accents in my kitchen I think it is a nice combination. It is fun to find little treasures when I am shopping at antique stores or estate sales. My sister found this lovely little porcelain bunt pan at a garage sale last summer.
As a teenager I spent countless hours embroidering this table runner! I actually made it exactly as the kit recommended, which is something I seldom do.
I just loved how the various blues created depth and shading. I also have four embroidered napkins I made to match.
About 10 years ago my mom gave me three Dutch tiles, then before marrying I bought two others at a barn sale. This year, for Christmas, Adam tiled the space above my kitchen sink with my Dutch tiles and some white tiles he purchased. He finished the grouting last night, these photos were taken before he had finished.
                                                   It truly make washing dishes more pleasurable!
 Some of you may remember my post about this sweet little table cloth. It adds some cheer and color to the kitchen while still carrying on the Dutch theme.
                                               I am grateful for place mats to help preserve my tablecloths!
                                                                                   A little cat to hold my spoons. : )
                                        And here is a magnet we found while on our honeymoon is the Catskills.

I hope you are all enjoying a lovely start to your week. Where I live it is quite cold, but it make the wood fire in our stove and cup of tea in hand all the cozier!

What colors have used to decorate your kitchen? Do you have a particular theme?


  1. How pretty. My mother's kitchen was a country blue and white. We live in a rented old farmhouse so I can't paint or decorate it.

  2. Very pretty! I love that last tile especially. What a quaint scene. :)
    Our kitchen doesn't have such a defined style. Mary Engelbreit's delightful artwork plays a major role. Mom made seasonal curtains that she switches out when appropriate.

  3. Oh Sarah, you have a lovely kitchen :0) I have a country cottage style right now. So far, I am enjoying it :0) blessings... m.

  4. When I saw your comment on my blog I clicked through to yours, because I haven't seen a post from you on my blog feed for so long. I have missed you having a baby! The last time I saw a post from you I think was right after you changed your blog name. So strange it says its listed in my blogger list, but can't pull it up. I will have to try to fix that.

  5. I love your kitchen!! I have to admit that blue is just about my favorite color on earth. You just can't go wrong with it!! That table runner is stunningly beautiful!!
    I have some Mexican-themed (reds, greens, yellows, oranges) things for my future kitchen, but I sometimes doubt that I will really put that theme into action. We shall see one day, Lord willing! :)

  6. Oh Sarah, everything and I mean everything about your kitchen is simply charming! The tiles are beautiful - I have never seen those kind before. And the table runner you embroidered is stunning! Your work is lovely, my friend.

    Have a blessed week! Hugs!

  7. The blue and white and windmills are beautiful! I love the Dutch theme! (And best of all, in my recent study of genealogy I've found I can trace part of my family straight back to the Netherlands--though I have plenty of Scot, Irish, Thai, and English as well!)

  8. What a beautiful and creative kitchen you have dear Sarah! Hugs to you!

  9. I love all your blue & white Sarah & your table cloth is stunning, such detail.
    I use blue & white china here & love it.
    Fondly Michelle

  10. Love your Dutch tiles! So fun that you actually got to put them in your back splash.
    I love blue too. After I decorated my house I realized I have blue in almost every room as either a main or accent color! Lol!

  11. What a lovely kitchen! Everything looks so welcoming and charming- thank you for sharing with us :) I found you through the Roses of Inspiration link up today :) Hope you have a beautifully blessed day! Blessings to you!

  12. Love your cross-stitch. Beautiful! And so many pretty things.

  13. Dear Sarah, I think these colors just make everything so cozy! I have always loved the blue and white decor myself. But i have a very french country with Mediterranean colors! Yellows. golds, some greens. But i still always have my blue and white vintage cannister set out! I loved your hand work on that runner it was amazing! Youra, Roxy

  14. What a lovely and cheery kitchen! I am smitten! :) Thanks for sharing all the sweet details with us on the Art of Home-Making Mondays! :)

  15. Good morning Sarah! I just wanted to let you know that I have *featured* this post this week on the Art of Home-Making Mondays. I really enjoyed this sweet tour :) Have a wonderful week!

  16. Hi Sarah! New visitor from the Art of Homemaking. I'm of Dutch descent so I really appreciated reading your post. I actually just started incorporating more of the delft in my home. I had scaled it back awhile ago because I saw it all the time growing up. Of course now that I'm a "bit older" I'm getting sentimental. Blessings, Diane