Saturday, February 29, 2020

Amy Le Feuvre Books

 Today I would like to share four books written by Amy Le Feuvre that I have enjoyed. If you like stories that take place in England during the 1800's then these are books that you will not want to miss!
  The Secret Bridge  is the story of Bridget, a lonely young woman recently bereaved of her father. She finds herself alone and penniless. Lacking the skills to provide for herself she finds that she must rely upon the kindness of a new acquaintance. Without giving the entire story away, I will say that Bridget finds herself residing in a lovely farm house near the ocean. As Bridget becomes familiar with the people in the community she finds herself in the middle of a feud between the two most prominent families. What I loved most about this story was the spiritual growth of Bridget. She desires to grow closer to her Savior and rely on Him in all of the obstacles she faces. A wise friend shares the challenge: “Acquaint thyself with Him.” and all throughout the story we see how Bridget grows when she does just that.

On the Edge of a Moor is a lovely story of a young woman who decides to move to a small cottage "on the edge of a moor". At that time it was unheard of that a young woman would live alone. However our main character, Rhoda, is not completely alone as she has her maid to accompany her on this adventure. Rhoda is a well meaning young woman who desires to reach the poor and uneducated people living on the moors for the Lord. Rhoda is a wonderful character! She is full of enthusiasm and youthful hopes. Once again there is a wonderful picture of spiritual growth in this story. Rhoda learns so much while teaching those around her. On the Edge of the Moor is filled with beautiful descriptions of the English moors and there is a grand cast of characters that I am sure I will want to revisit in the future.

The Treasure of the Secret Cove is truly an exceptional story of mystery, adventure and romance. Once again, the setting of this story is beautifully described. The main character, Marjorie, lives in a fantastic mansion on a cliff overlooking the ocean. Her love of the sea and tendency towards mischief involve her in quite a mystery. So in order not to give away too much, I will say no more. : )

The Locked Cupboard was the first book I read by Amy Le Feuvre. Being one of three sisters, I enjoyed this story of four sisters immensely! When visiting their childhood nurse, Nannie, each girl is advised to seek God in earnest. To help them along that path Nannie shares four special verses from Psalm 37. The Dane sisters are orphaned and left with a small amount of money to support themselves with each year. Used to living in a large home with every convenience they are now forced to leave that way of life for a simpler existence. They rent a small cottage in the country and begin a new life. The sisters are all unique in their personalities and struggles. It was interesting to read how each of them grew in the Lord and how the truth of their specific verse from Psalm 37 impacted their life. Of course there is that mysteriously locked, carved cupboard in the cottage they rent, which definitely adds interest to the story. The cast of characters are unforgettable making for another wonderful read!

One element that I especially appreciate in all of the books I have read by Amy Le Feuvre is her ability to write an exciting story and naturally interweave a message of personal growth in Jesus. I have found myself inspired by the faith and growth of the characters in her stories.

In case you are interested in purchasing any of these books, I will include links below. All of these books were given to me as gifts by my family and I am writing this review in order to share something I have enjoyed.

The Secret Bridge
One the Edge of a Moor
The Treasure of Secret Cove
The Locked Cupboard 

Have you read any of Amy Le Feuvre's books? If so, do you have a favorite?

Monday, February 17, 2020

A New Favorite Dress

As you may guess from the pictures, this is a dress I sewed sometime last year and it has taken me quite a while to find the time to write this post. In fact I sewed this dress sometime last summer, as it was one of my entries in our county fair!
  It quickly became one of Jemimah's favorite dresses! The ribbons, ruffles, embroidery and bows made this dress irresistible to my ruffle and ribbon loving daughter!
 The pattern is from the early 1980's. I was drawn by the details of this pattern. You don't often see patterns with this many options for embellishments. It was hard for me to choose which style to sew first! I look forward to sewing the option with the cream sleeves and apron at some point, maybe come fall.
 I decided to sew view three, as I was especially drawn to the ribbon inset. I had hoped to find a fabric that would coordinate with red ribbon, since it looked so lovely on the pattern envelope. But I was pleased with the navy calico I was able to find and the gold ribbons are a more subtle accent.
 My daughter was very pleased with the little bows on the wrists. They seemed to make the dress extra special to her.
The "V" shaping of the bodice gives this dress an old-fashioned fair tale look. My little girl looks a bit like Goldilocks whenever she wears this dress! : )

We were also extremely pleased when this dress won best of sewing at our county fair.

I hope you have all been enjoying a peaceful and cozy winter so far. Have you been working on any special projects?