Saturday, August 24, 2019

Jam, Zucchini Bread and A Doily

 Zucchinis are one of my favorite vegetables! They are incredibly versatile, just yesterday I was commenting to my mom how many ways I have incorporated zucchini into our meals. Last night we enjoyed a supper of zucchini pancakes, corn on the cob, tomatoes and cucumbers- all from our garden, and for dessert zucchini brownies. It is such a blessing, especially since our first few gardens at our home were complete failures

In the picture above I had made a savory cheddar cheese zucchini bread and double chocolate zucchini bread. When I make the double chocolate zucchini bread I substitute the 1/2 cup of sugar with 1/3 cup honey, making it a little healthier. My daughter, niece and nephew all refer to the double chocolate zucchini bread as chocolate cake. It truly is a delicious recipe.
 Another recipe I tried for the first time this year is Peach Maple Jam. Adam made maple syrup this spring. Much of it was boiled over an open fire and it has a marvelous flavor. It was fun to find a jam recipe that could use some of Adam's syrup. The flavor of the maple syrup and vanilla combined with peaches is unique and absolutely delightful.
 Recently I finished crocheting the doily pictured above. It was a fun project and the design is one of the prettiest I have seen in quite a while. I love the unique shape. It looks perfect on my kitchen table under our oil lamp. The pattern I used can be purchased here.
 This was our first year to plant sweet corn. Jemimah loves corn and was extremely excited to plant corn with her papa this spring. She monitored her corn daily and compared her corn's growth with the corn in surrounding fields. You can imagine how thrilled she was to eat the first ears of corn from our garden. : ) We have been eating corn a few times each week for the past couple weeks. Jemimah has been very pleased to pick the corn for supper and then husk it. I love to see her carrying the freshly husked ears of corn in her apron skirt. 

We are already planning to plant more corn next year in hopes of having enough to freeze or can.
Right now I am collecting up tomatoes with plans to make pizza sauce and spaghetti sauce.

Do you have a favorite zucchini recipe? Or a favorite jam recipe?

"Make a joyful noise unto God, all ye lands: Sing forth the honor of his name: make his praise glorious" Psalm 66:1-2


  1. Oh, it all looks delicious! The peach maple jam sounds like it would be good over ice cream 😋 I just picked 2 zucchini this morning. They are bigger than we hoped as I forgot to pick them yesterday and I think they grew by 1/3 over night! You did a beautiful job on the doily. I don't crochet but sure admire it. Oh and have you ever barbecued your corn? Just leave it in the husk and put it on the grill (not high heat.) It doesn't take very long. It husks so easily and no fighting the silks. They just come off with the husk. Have a super day 🌺

  2. Isn't it wonderful to have vegetables you grew yourselves! So fresh and good! I'm with Jemimah ~ I love corn!

  3. I loved this homey post. We have lots of jalapenos, but my recipe is no longer available online. Saving on Pinterest was not enough. Blessings, Laura

  4. Oh, Sarah... What a fantastic harvest! And oh yes...I absolutely love zucchini is wonderfully versatile indeed! Spring has sprung in our corner of the world...I have just started our first garden in our new home which I'm so thrilled about!
    Your crocheted doily is lovely...the design looks quite intricate!
    Thank you for the lovely visit...have a blessed week ahead!

  5. How lovely to have your garden producing so well. Like you, I am busy making boxes of tomato sauce and soup for the freezer.

  6. Such a wonderful time you've been having! Oh yum to have fresh corn. Such a blessing! It looks like you will have plenty of pizza sauce and spaghetti sauce this winter with all the tomatoes you have.
    Love the doily you sure would make a lovely touch under your lamp.