Sunday, January 22, 2017

"Little House" Birthday

Over the past year and a half Jemimah Rose has discovered the charm of Laura Ingalls Wilder's beautiful "Little House" books. One day while shopping at a local Mennonite store I purchased one of the "Little House" picture books for Jemimah. She was immediately captivated.
Last summer while shopping at a quilting store I found some lovely "Little House" fabric designed by Andover. I purchased it with a special plan in mind. In September Jemimah turned two and my gift to her was her own pioneer dress, bonnet and pinafore. The dress and bonnet were both sewn from the "Little House" fabric I had purchased earlier in the year.
I hand embroidered the pinafore yoke and added purple ric-rac to the collar. I noticed while watching the "Little House" T.V. series that they often used ric-rac.
Jemimah was delighted when she opened up her special outfit and new "Little House" picture book! It gave me such joy to see my little darling run about the yard on her birthday wearing the outfit I had sewn. For many years my mom and I have sewn pioneer outfits for little girls all over the world through our business The Scarlet Thread. It was a wonderful feeling to see my own daughter enjoying something I have enjoyed for so many years.
 I have so many grand memories of my mom reading the "Little House" series to my sisters and me by the warmth of the wood stove on a winter day. One year she made all three of us pioneer dresses when we attended a one room school house for a day. We were so excited to prepare our own "pioneer" lunch of homemade bread, cheese, meat and homemade butter. We took great delight in making the butter. Mom had a cassette tape of "Little House" fiddle music. We filled canning jars with cream, a pinch of salt and a clothes pin. We had such fun dancing around the table shaking our jars of cream to the fiddle music.
I am grateful to share and create such sweet memories with my own little girl. And I am so pleased to have a fellow "Little House" fan! : )
"This is what the Lord says: “Stop at the crossroads and look around. Ask for the old, godly way, and walk in it. Travel its path, and you will find rest for your souls." Jeremiah 6:16a


  1. She looks enchanting. I made a similar pinafore for my grandaughter many years ago.

  2. What a sweet special birthday. Love the little house dress, we use to read the little house books when our kids were young, I still enjoy them along with our daughter. Special memories!

  3. Oh Sarah...this sweet post made me smile...what a darling little Jemimah is and so pretty in her pioneer dress! My, but she is blessed to have her mama sew such lovely dresses for her - she looks like a true little pioneer girl! I am so impressed by your handiwork! I just popped over to your Etsy shop and fell in love with all the gorgeous items you have available... I am so inspired to improve my sewing so as to create lovely dresses for my sisters who just love to play dress up! {{smiles}}
    Happy birthday to Miss Jemimah...what a blessing she must be to you, Sarah! Enjoy these precious moments making memories...I know you'll cherish them always!
    With love and hugs to you,

  4. Oh my!!! That is incredibly sweet!! The dress is perfect and she is so adorable in it! We love Little House here as well! I'm glad your daughter is enjoying it too! :)

  5. So, so precious, Sarah! The dress, pinafore, and sunbonnet are perfect and timeless. What a joy to now be able to share something that's been such a part of your life with your daughter. I still haven't introduced my littles to the "Little House" books -- I need to remedy that soon!


    PS -- That blonde hair! Oh my! :-)

  6. So good to see you back posting. I love your posts. The dress is just delightful on Jemima.

  7. So adorable! I love the dress and Jemimah looks so cute in her bonnet. I can't wait till I can read the Little House books to Ivy and make her a pioneer dress. :)

  8. I was a Little House/pioneer little girl growing up. I made several bonnets with the old Little House Sewing Book. I'm revisiting my roots by reading Pioneer Girl now.

    The outfit is adorable; I've always loved old-fashioned calico type prints. The little embroidery detail is lovely.

  9. How precious! Those Little House picture books have the sweetest illustrations. My younger sister has most of them. The little outfit you made is just too cute. Jemimah is such a lil doll.

  10. That's so adorable! I always enjoy seeing your sewing projects. You do an amazing job. It inspires me. :)
    It's hard to believe little Jemimah is 2 already! Seems like yesterday I was reading about her being just a little baby!
    Thanks for posting.

  11. Awwww! How sweet.
    You getting her started on Laura Ingalls early! :)
    I, too, have fond memories of my mom reading the "Little House" books aloud. It really made an impact on who I am, even today. I love history and to imagine what it was like to live a few hundred years ago.

  12. You did a beautiful job on her outfit, and the shoes and stockings are just perfect. I sewed many "Little House" dresses for my girls too, and we visited many of the Little House sites. I still visit Laura's home now and then, since it is just a few miles away. A new huge museum has opened up there at her house. I'm thinking your mom may have the same tape I do. It was done years ago and has Laura's voice and someone playing Pa's fiddle on it. I don't see it anywhere now. :-) Jemimah is just adorable. It's hard to believe she's already two! I remember when she was born. Time flies! Blessings to you, ♥

  13. Sarah, what a wonderful and special gift you made for your little girl. She looks so darling in that outfit. And such wonderful memories you have.
    The pictures are so precious and beautiful!

  14. Well dearest Miss Sarah!!
    You just know that this post is very dear to my heart!! What a wonderful legacy of stories Laura Ingalls Wilder has left for us and how dear to pass them down to the next generation! Jemimah is so darling in the beautiful dress and bonnet you have made for her!! I love how it turned out!! It just warms my heart to see her in all the sweet pictures!! :-)
    Isn't it wonderfully amazing that Laura Ingalls Wilder is now going to be celebrated as the 150 birthday mark!! And her stories are still moving the hearts of young and old!!! I sure do love the illustrator Renee Graef! She is amazing :-) Thank you for your visit today!! I have enjoyed mine with you too!
    Much warmth and many blessings Linnie

  15. Dearest Sarah,
    This post just brought such joy to my heart! Your daughter is so precious...and you are such a talented lady, indeed. The love that you put into every stitch is so apparent...I so enjoy seeing what you are working on! "Little House" books have graced our bookshelves for many years...and I look forward, Lord willing, to have many little granddaughters to read to and sew for!
    With sweetest hugs,