Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Easy White Bread

After enjoying a relatively snow free December it is a pleasure to look from my kitchen window and see the yard covered with snow! Almost every night this month we have enjoyed eating homemade soup and bread for dinner. There is something about the snowy, cozy evenings of January that seem just perfect for soup and bread. Generally I attempt to find recipes for wholesome bread made with whole wheat and/or oatmeal, but every now and again I like to bake some white bread. This particular recipe is very quick, easy and delicious! It is the perfect addition to a dinner of vegetable soup, and even better toasted with homemade jam.
Easy White Bread:
5 1/2 cups warm water
3 tbsp. yeast
4 tsp. salt
4 tbsp. butter
3/4 cup brown sugar
14 cups flour

Place in large bowl water, yeast, salt, butter and sugar. With a wire whisk, whip until smooth. Add flour. The dough should be very soft and sticky. This keeps your bread soft. Put a little vegetable oil on hands and work dough until it looks smooth. It does not need kneading. Let rise once, punch down and form into loaves. Makes 4 loaves. Bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes.
The recipe makes 4 loaves, but unless I intend to share I usually cut the recipe in half.
 Jemimah enjoys eating her bread toasted with the plum jam we made last summer. : ) Over the weekend we purchased a booster seat for her, and she loves being able to sit up at the table with us. We both enjoy watching the birds eat at the bird feeder outside the kitchen window. Every day one or two Red-bellied Woodpeckers will come to our feeder, and Jemimah seems especially captivated by them.

It is hard to believe January will soon be coming to an end. It has been a cozy month, and productive. I hope to share some of my recent projects with you soon.

Matthew 4:4 "Jesus answered 'It is written : Man does not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God. '"


  1. That seems such an easy recipe for bred. I shall try it.

  2. Sarah, I love making bread. Your loaves look beautiful! Some of my favorite breads don't require kneading, but I do so love to knead bread dough -- it's very therapeutic! Your kitchen (and the view from it) are lovely.

  3. What a beautiful peaceful morning scene of your breakfast table at a picture window. Jemimah (so cute) knows what's good to eat. Our snow looks something like yours. Here in Pennsylvania we are buried in nearly 3 feet. I had to smile because I've had my bread machine going. I use it to make dough for loaves and pizza. Your loaves look delicious. Karen A.

  4. Your bread looks yummy! And your view from the window is so white and pretty! Your daughter is getting so big all ready!
    Enjoy your week!
    Blessings, Amy

  5. I agree ~ soup and homemade bread on cold, snowy evenings is just perfect! Thanks for the recipe ~ I'll give it a try. :-)
    Jemimah is just darling. Cute dress too.
    Enjoy your week ♥

  6. Oh Sarah what a delightful way to enjoy God's bounty. Like you I enjoy making bread... There is nothing like the smell of bread baking :)

    Jemimah is growing so much...what a delight she must be.



  7. I love when I see that my in-box has a post from you. They always make me smile. Thank you for sharing your life with us. You have made me very hungry for a good loaf of homemade bread. I am still shoveling out from 3 feet of snow here in PA. Susan

  8. Oh, how delicious your white bread sounds, dear Sarah! I can almost smell it at this very moment...ah, is there anything lovelier than the aroma of freshly baked homemade bread? Little Jemimah...Sraha, she is getting sweeter by the day! How old is she now? I am sure you must be enjoying your little one!
    Looking forward to seeing what you've been busy with lately...blessings to you!

  9. Bread is a white fluffy goodness that takes me back to my childhood, and brings fond memories of my grandmothers home. Thanks for linking up on Strangers & Pilgrims I cant wait to try making this with my meal tonight.

  10. What a beautiful blog....the baby is blessed to have such a lovely home and family.
    Shirley in Virginia

  11. Good morning, dear Sarah! How I have missed you and your sweet posts... It's a delight to be visiting you today :)

    Your bread looks oh-so-tasty! How I love homemade bread. And serving it with homemade jam...absolute perfection! Thanks for sharing with Roses of Inspiration. Hugs!

  12. Your bread looks delicious! And interesting about the brown sugar in it! I have never seen a bread recipe like this! I am sure it tastes wonderful with that jam! :)

  13. Hello My Dear Friend! How sweet to see your darling daughter big enough to sit at the table. And I bet you all do enjoy seeing the birds feeding, my Husband also loves to feed the birds and watch them. Your bread does look very yummy, and soup and bread do make a wonderful meal. I think we may get a good amount of snow coming in tonight. We really have gotten very little so far! Thinking of you! Hugs, Roxy

  14. Hi Sarah,
    Your bread looks delicious. That photo with all the snow behind the window is so lovely. Your kitchen seems so cozy and warm. And how adorable your little Jemimah is, such an angel.

    Hugs from California

  15. Oh bless. Such wonderful memories come in to my mind of cutting bread in to small pieces.
    Your bread looks beautiful.
    Fondly Michelle

  16. Hello Dear,
    Oh what a warm cozy lovely scene! I can practically smell the warm freshness! :-)
    Jemimah looks so sweet and contented in her pretty plaid frock, the best of precious
    Hope to see you again this summer, hug your Mom for me :-)
    Blessings and warmth, Linnie

  17. There is nothing nicer than homemade bread :)))) I can almost smell your photos !!

  18. Sarah, your loaves are gorgeous (as is Jemimah!). I love making bread. Kneading dough gives me such a peaceful, easy feeling.