Monday, August 31, 2015

Nighttime Lullabies

Sweet bedtime lullabies and prayers . . . just before you turn out the light.
A case-bound padded board book from the Really Woolly® brand gives children sweet lullabies to help them fall asleep. Little ones will love the charming Really Woolly illustrations, engaging verse, and Scripture from the International Children’s Bible® that allow them to drift off in sweet dreams, knowing they are loved and safe. Prayer starters also encourage children to end their day talking to God.
Really Woolly Nighttime Lullabies 
By: Bonnie Rickner Jensen
Illustrated by: Donna Chapman

 "Nighttime Lullabies" is truly a sweet and calming read. Each page includes a lovely illustration, a scripture, poem and prayer. Each verse is meant to remind the little reader (or listener) that Jesus is watching over them and promises to guard them and give them His peace. It is the perfect book to open up before bedtime to remind anxious little ones of God's constant care and that there is no need for fear. I found the poems to be well written and soothing.
It is hardcover and the pages are thick board as well, making it a great book for my little one to enjoy on her own too. I was truly blessed by the beauty and simplicity of this book! I would highly recommend "Nighttime Lullabies".

*I received a complimentary copy of "Nighttime Lullabies" from Book Look Blogger in exchange for my honest review*


  1. What a beautiful book! I love seeing your Rose of Sharon, too. I always forget what that flower is called. Enjoy your week!

  2. This looks like a precious little's been a while since I read a bedtime story to a little one :( Have a good week!

  3. What a sweet and precious book to read to your little one :) Soothing for your child and for yourself. My son now enjoys reading so he often asks if he can read to's such a special joy!

    Thanks for sharing with Roses of Inspiration. Hugs to you, my friend!

  4. This is a lovely first book for a little one, I think the rhyme it is open at is so precious.
    Have a great day.


  5. Oh...what preciousness, dear Sarah! This is the perfect sweet bedtime book for any wee one...and those pictures are so adorable!
    Have a blessed and truly beautiful week further...many hugs and love to you!

  6. Wish something like this would have been available when my children were young. A lovely idea! thanks for sharing and have a blessed day.

  7. A sweet book! I love just children's books!
    I was so glad that you got to see your Mom's picture! She looks so CUTE in my glasses!!
    Tell her hello for me! :-)
    I really enjoyed meeting you all and wish that I would have gotten a picture of you and you lovely braids!
    Everything just zoomed by so fast! I had hoped to sit and visit with you!
    Hopefully we shall have more opportunities to meet again!! XXOO
    Sending much warmth! Many many blessings, Linnie

  8. What a sweet little book! Lovely illustrations too. Sounds like a must for a grandchild.:-)

  9. What a sweet book to share, I love the pictures.
    Fondly Michelle