Friday, July 31, 2015

Picking Blueberries

 Last week was a blueberry week for me! Each year I look forward to driving out to our favorite blueberry farm and soaking in the beauty of the surrounding countryside and fields of blueberries. As I have mentioned before blueberries are my favorite berries. Each year instead of cake I ask my mom to bake me a blueberry pie for my birthday. There is something extra special about enjoying a taste of summer in January on my birthday.
Jemimah enjoyed her first experience picking blueberries with momma and grammy. She would reach out and grab at the leaves, but mostly she enjoyed watching all of the other people picking berries.
 We picked two quarts of raspberries too, so I could make a batch of jam. It was a perfect day, not too hot with blue cloudless skies. It was certainly a day I will always remember! I love spending time with my mom, and little girl, doing the things we used to do when I was young.
 Adam was quite pleased with the berries I picked, but decided that it would be nice to have even more berries frozen for the winter ahead, so last Saturday Adam, Jemimah and I went to the blueberry farm. Adam had never been, so it was a treat for him.
All in all we picked over 15 pounds of blueberries. I baked a blueberry/blackberry pie and will look forward to enjoying blueberries in oatmeal, muffins, pancakes, cobbler and pies throughout the winter ahead!


  1. Oh Sarah, what a joy and blessing to be able to pick fresh blueberries with your family. You are making such sweet memories :) And me, your precious little one is growing! She is beautiful, my friend.

    Love and hugs!

  2. I have always wanted to pick blueberries! They are one of my favorite fruits. But we are just a bit too far south for blueberries to grow in our area. Someday, I will get a chance though! Berry picking always holds special memories for me too.

  3. What a wonderful family experience to share with one another. A great tradition to have with your little girl and great memories you have from your time with your mother and you as a child. Blueberries are wonderful and now you can enjoy them for a good long time.

  4. Blueberries are just the best...and what a blessing they are for our health! Jemimah looked so entertained :0) mari

  5. Hi Sarah,
    Oh my, Jemimah is just adorable! My husband and I carried all of ours around with a sling too. They just love that way of traveling. :-)
    Blueberries are my favorite too. What a fun day you all had together.
    Enjoy your Sunday,
    Blessings, ♥

  6. Hi Sarah. We enjoy blueberries and grow our own. We put over three gallons in the freezer for use over the winter. Sadly, we will be moving in a couple of months and will miss our blueberry bushes. Thanks for sharing and have a blessed day.

  7. Hello, Wow, you hit the jackpot; it was so nice that you picked so many! I always freeze mine and use them in our yogurt all winter long! Your sweet baby is growing so quickly! I think blueberry pancakes is one of our all time favorites around here!
    Blessings to you my friend!

  8. I am so glad that I found your blog and Etsy shop. I am hoping to be able to place an order from your shop one day soon.
    Blueberries are so yummy. We have not picked any in awhile as we have black raspberries and Blackberries in our yard and they are free. :) I am loving reading about your lovely family. Thanks for sharing.

  9. We do not have blueberry farms in England so it was lovely to see your post.
    We can only get them from the shops & they are quite expensive so when I cook with them they are a real treat.
    Lovely to see your daughter being carried, I remember using the carriers.
    Fondly Michelle

  10. Dear Sarah ... We have been enjoying fresh blueberries, so delicious and so nutritious. This is a such pretty post. Your family is beautiful and oh, the precious memories that were made. Blessings & Hugs ♥ Teri

  11. Such pretty pictures, Sarah! A real pleasure to find your blog - visiting from The Enchanting Rose. I'm a huge berry fan and blueberries top the list. Lovely family!

  12. Thanks for joining Roses of Inspiration this week :) Hugs and blessings to you, my friend!

  13. Your little one is adorable!

    And I love berry picking season, too. We eat fruit year round to be healthy, but there is something about the fresh summer berries that makes this time of year extra delicious.

  14. How fun for the family to all get in on the picking....and, oh, how you will enjoy those berries in the cold wintertime.

  15. What a delight to pick so many gorgeously delicious berries, dear Sarah! Blueberries are simply the are raspberries! Raspberry jam is a much loved treat in our home, and blueberry muffins - oh so scrumptious!
    Such a special outing for you, your dear mom and precious little Jemimah...looks like you all had wonderful fun!
    Thank you for sharing your lovely day with us, Sarah...blessings and love to you!