Monday, July 27, 2015

Bread Baking Aprons and a Crocheted Rug

 Marilla sighed and then said proudly:
"I'm giving Anne that half dozen braided rugs I have in the garret. I never supposed she'd want them- they're so old-fashioned, and nobody seems to want anything but hooked mats now. But she asked me for them- said she'd rather have them then anything else for her floors. They are pretty. I made them of the nicest rags, and braided them in stripes. It was such company these last few winters."
-Anne's House of Dreams" Lucy Maud Montgomery

Over the summer months, when it is too hot to knit, I enjoy cutting my scrap calicos into strips and then crocheting the strips into rugs. It is a great way to use up extra fabric, which I always seem to have an abundance of! There is something so old-fashioned and homey about a crocheted or braided rag rug.

"Anne's House of Dreams" is my favorite of the "Anne" series. It has been years since I read "Anne's House of Dreams", but I have had the pleasure of listening to the story read aloud while I sew and crochet here.
When I was growing up my mom almost always wore aprons while working about the home. We would refer to her favorite style as her "Bread Baking Apron". It is loose fitting and long; perfect for working about the home and garden. My mom often baked homemade bread, and this apron style allows plenty of freedom to move while kneading bread dough. : )

My sisters and I would sometimes grab one of mom's aprons off of the hook in the kitchen before heading out to the garden. The large pockets are perfect for stashing a of couple fresh tomatoes and the apron length helps protect your skirt from being stained by the plants as you walk between them.
 Both aprons and the rug are now available to purchase in my Etsy shop!

Hope you all are enjoying these beautiful summer days! The warmth and sunshine are such a blessing!

"Let the heavens rejoice, and let the earth be glad;
                                         And let them say among the nations, “The Lord reigns.”
1 Chronicles 16:31


  1. Oh Sarah! I can't tell you how delighted I was when I saw your lovely new post pop up in my reader just now...visiting with you is always so inspiring! Smiles...

    What a gorgeous crocheted rug...such a wonderful way to use up calico scraps and a good project for the warmer months of the year! These rugs would lovely Christmas gifts I think...:)

    Oh! I just love all the Anne stories...I think Anne of the Island is my favourite...but then they're all so sweet! Whenever I think of Anne, I am reminded to enjoy the simple things in life - just like she did! I love how you included an excerpt from Anne's House of Dreams!

    Your aprons are absolutely beautiful, favourite style of apron! :)
    Hope you have a blessed and beautiful week ahead, dear Sarah! Much love!

  2. That would be a wonderful gardening apron too, with plenty of room to keep essentials in the pockets!

  3. Oh my, oh my, your rug is truly gorgeous! You were daring (to me anyways) with those bright colors, and it paid off in a beautiful, cozy looking rug. (I love crocheted rugs, and I even have a few that I haven't given away.;) This rug post seems so coincidental to me because I took one I just finished to our daughter in Virginia over the weekend. She's been married 11 years and has never had a true rug in her kitchen. O.O
    Love, love the aprons, too... and are those my clothes you're wearing??? They look like they are straight from my closet. :)
    Have a wonderful week, Sarah!

  4. I love how all your lovely scraps have 'magically' transformed into a glorious rug. I adore the Anne books as well. I love the TV adaptation they made quite a few years ago. Love, love, love those aprons. Me thinks I need to stitch one!

  5. I really love the rug Sarah. I have never heard of crocheting a rug before, that is a wonderful idea one for my to do lists.
    I love the new aprons too. I am always in an apron, the children say I look funny when I take it off they are so use to it. The twins have some little aprons that they love to wear.
    I always love to see a new post from you & to see all the pretty fabrics you choose.
    Enjoy the rest of your Summer.
    Fondly Michelle

  6. I am very impressed with your crochet rug. It looks wonderful. Also your Aprons are so nicely done; and would be wonderful to have and use when doing chores around the house.

  7. Those aprons are just beautiful!! And that rug? Love it!! You do such a beautiful job!!

  8. Sarah, I wear the same aprons :0) they are quite roomy and I am able to do everything with them on.

    The rugs are just lovely. What a wonderful idea to make them and place them all over the cottage...

    Blessings to you,


  9. Your aprons and rug are just gorgeous! The colours in the rug are so cheerful.

  10. Thank you for your recommendation of Anne's House of Dreams. Since my husband and son are both allergic to wool - we recently found out - I gave my wool braided rug away to my daughter - for her house. It is an authentically made (in the USA) wool rug made from wool fabric not wool yarn. Anyway, I've been wanting to replace it with a cotton one and here I see yours as a beautiful example of one. Blues, browns and reds are just the colors I had envisioned.

    I think I must spend half of my waking hours in an apron - at least - so I like them to be "pretty." Yours certainly are. -Karen

  11. What a lovely apron!! How comfortable and femininely lovely at the same time, and perfect for joyful work around the home :) I love your rug, as well! Your handiwork is beautiful, my friend. And I love your Anne quote♥

    Hope you and your sweet family are enjoying your summer together as well!!

    Hugs and blessings!

  12. I think I have found a kindred spirit! I, too, claim Anne's House of Dreams as my favorite in the book series and often listen on Librovox, as reading is just not as easy as it used to be with a house to manage, etc. And I love braided rugs - although I have never made one. I have purchased used ones (as they are so costly) and am always looking for new-to-me-ones. You have inspired me to try creating one for our home -even a simple small one would be lovely.