Thursday, May 8, 2014

Last Friday..

Last Friday was a beautiful sunny day, and one that I will always remember! Adam took the day off from work so that he could take me to my ultrasound appointment. It was so amazing seeing our little baby's heart beating, her little body being so perfectly formed. At one point she lifted her little hand and spread all five of her fingers. I cannot wait to hold that little hand in September. : ) And yes, I am using female pronouns, because our sweet little baby is a girl!

Later Friday afternoon Adam and I decided to head out to an estate sale we had seen advertised. Our main interest in going was a piano they had mentioned in the advertisement. From the description we assumed it would be out of our price range, but thought we would look just for fun. Much to our amazement the piano was priced at $95 and included the matching bench. We were so pleased. : ) Afterwards Adam discovered that the piano was made in 1985, the same year we were born.

We purchased the piano and our families helped move it to our house. It has such a lovely sound! Adam plays the piano by ear beautifully and I have so enjoyed sitting by the piano in the evenings while he plays hymns. I also play, but I am very out of practice. However I am now attempting to regain what I have lost over time. I imagine that our little baby is enjoying all of the lovely music and I hope she will play the piano herself someday. It does seem providential that the LORD provided this beautiful piano the day we discovered we were expecting a little girl, and she did make a point of showing us her lovely little hand. : )

"Speaking to one another with psalms, hymns, and songs from the Spirit. Sing and make music from your heart to the Lord." Ephesians 5:19


  1. What a marvelous find, Sarah! And even better news about your sweet little girl. I am praying for continued saftey for both you and her -- and now you know which color yarn to purchase! :-)


  2. Congratulations on your sweet little girl!
    Blessings and prayers for you at this most exiting time in your lives. : )

  3. What a sweet post!. It's just amazing that you can see your little girl's hand and fingers. The piano was a real blessing, made the year you two were born and purchased the day you saw your little girls fingers. Definitely a gift from the Lord, and she will probably be a wonderful piano player. :-)


  4. Dear Sarah ... such a lovely posting! Have a blessed weekend my sweet friend! Hugs ♥ Teri

  5. Oh how fun to be preparing for a little girl :) I am so very excited for you, Sarah.

    Your new piano is simply lovely and I am sure your little one will love hearing music played from it. Blessings to you, sweet lady. And Happy Mother's Day :) Love and hugs!

  6. It looks like a very beautiful piano and what a bargain as they are usually expensive. I use to play classical music to my children before they were born and played them CDs as they were going off to sleep - both love music.

  7. That is a very beautiful piano. It looks in very good condition.
    Congratulations on finding out you are getting a little baby girl, that is fantastic.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  8. Dear Sarah, I am just delighted to see this treasure of a piano for your home! And to see the little girls hand open as if to say, can I play?
    I am so happy for you and Adam... Happy Mothers Day to you! I can just see you sitting at the piano bench one day singing and swinging her little feet!
    Joy down in my heart for all of you!
    Love, Roxy My Lilacs are blooming and I thought of you the other day!

  9. Hope you have a special day today, Sarah!

  10. How special and beautiful to get to see your little one on the ultrasound and to find out you are expecting a sweet baby girl!! How exciting! I can imagine the fun you will have making her little clothes and crocheting her sweaters. What a blessing and a joy.

    Your piano is beautiful as well. How wonderful to get to enjoy time listening to your husband play and then practicing again yourself.

    Blessings and hugs dear friend,

  11. Dear Sarah, Congratulations! My daughter, Eliza was checking your blog and she told me you were expecting!! How exciting, a girl! I was always glad to have a girl first - especially since I then had 5 boys in a row! Little girls are wonderful surrogate moms! May the Lord bless you!
    -The LeBlancs

  12. Dearest Sarah...I haven't been blogging in I hadn't heard about your most wonderful news! A precious little gift from both must be so pleased. Get plenty of rest, dear one, and enjoy every moment.

    With sweetest blessings and prayers,