Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Folded Star Hot Pad

Recently I purchased a pattern for a folded star hot pad on Etsy. I have quite the stash of scrap fabric from years of sewing, and I found that this was one great way to use some of that scrap fabric.

The pattern is from Plum Easy Designs, and I must say that it was very fun and easy to sew. The instructions and interfacing guide made piecing together the triangles a breeze.

I found that I had some pretty Christmas fabrics that I had forgotten about. I have set that aside with the intent of sewing them up into hot pads. : )


  1. Too cute! And in Christmas fabric, with that star they will be great!

    1. Thank you Heide! You are right; the star pattern will be great for Christmas. They are so fun to make. : )

  2. I've made folded-star pin-cushions for gifts. These folded star hot pads would make nice gifts, too. I like your fabric choices - so pretty. Thanks for the link.
    One day as I was glancing at the small local newspaper here in Lancaster County, PA, something unusual caught my eye. "Looking for people with a knowledge of "folded star". It was probably a help wanted for an Amish craft or quilt business. It made me suddenly feel skilled.
    Karen A.