Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Patchwork Quilt

Last month I completed a pinwheel patchwork quilt that I have been working on for a very long time. I actually began work on this quilt prior to marrying Adam. I planned to make a twin quilt for my bed back home using scrap fabric from my many sewing projects. After becoming engaged I had the ambitious idea of sewing a queen sized quilt. I continued to add blocks to my collection, but never quite enough to complete the quilt.
Unfortunately the pinwheel blocks sat in my work basket untouched for a few years until recently.

 My sister found two vintage wooden twin beds along side the road one day. She refurbished one for her little one and gave me the other. It was then that I knew that my patchwork blocks had finally found their destiny! : ) I had enough blocks to sew a twin sized quilt.
This has been a special project for me. Many of the fabric used are now over 15 years old, while some are more recent. The blue and pink square above was sewn from fabric left over from two dresses I sewed for myself. The pink on white calico was a dress I sewed when I was 17. I wore it often to when we began our sewing business and sold at a local Farmers' market. The blue was left from a dress I sewed when engaged to Adam. I wore the dress while on our honeymoon.
The pretty pink rose fabric in the block above was leftover from my sisters' bridesmaid dresses.
Instead of purchasing extra wide backing fabric I decided to piece together some fabric I had on hand. I found it a little difficult to "sandwich" all three layers together. I ended up watching a video that explained how, that definitely helped! But still it was a little tricky since I didn't have a lot of space to spread out.
 I also found a neat video that explained how to attach binding. If I hadn't been in such a hurry I would have liked to have hand stitched the binding, but decided to machine stitch in order to save time. Jemimah was quite impressed with the quilting pins I purchased. She expressed her disappointment that the pins were not a permanent part of the quilt. : )
Instead of quilting my quilt, I used embroidery thread ties. I spent one weekend working away at stitching in approximately 200 ties! It was fun, and possibly my favorite step in creating this quilt.

This project has certainly been a learning experience! It is far from perfect, but with each mistake I have learned how I will do things differently next time.
 Winston also approves of the new bed and quilt. Whenever he comes into the house, and then disappears, we know that he has gone to Jemimah's room!

Adam is now hoping that I will sew a quilt for our bed. I hope to at some point. I definitely have enough scarp fabric to do so! He is always hinting that my scrap fabric collection is getting a little out of hand. I guess I have my work cut out for me... well not quite.


  1. how beautiful. A lovely quilt with a lot of soul and a lot of memories. Lovely x

  2. Oh Sarah, I am speechless....your quilt is truly amazing! I have always loved the pinwheel block and the fabric you used makes me smile :) Beautiful, my friend, absolutely beautiful!

    Have a wonderful day! Hugs

  3. SARAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!! I have no idea what these "mistakes" are that you are talking about. It looks SO, SO, SO very pretty! And all those triangle points are neat and precise. This is a beautiful heirloom / memory quilt for your Little Miss. I loved hearing the stories behind some of the fabrics. They're all so pretty!!! I, too, always piece the backings for my quilts, unless I've found a high-quality flat sheet to use at a thrift store. I think pieced backs add to the charm of a quilt for sure! And this little white wooden bed is the perfect place for such a homey, sweet quilt. Jemimah must have very sweet dreams as she snuggles under her special blanket from you!!! I was daydreaming just this morning of one day sewing a twin bed quilt for Rebekah. :) So to read this article just now was extra fun and special! Love you, sweet friend!

  4. What a gorgeous quilt and the perfect bed to put it on.

  5. That is absolutely lovely, and its gentle colours make it so restful and charming. So many memories within your fabrics.

  6. Sarah, it is no overstatement to say that this beautiful quilt is a work of art. What a blessing to your daughter that she has such a keepsake lovingly created for her by her mother, containing fabrics from special times in your own life. A true heirloom, which will only become more precious with the passage of time. Thank you for sharing this with us. Nancy D.

  7. Beautiful!! The cat is nice too. :) I have also tied the three quilts I have done. I find it gives it a more old fashioned country feeling. Your quilt looks very professionally done. I'm sure Jemimah will treasure the quilt in the years to come.
    Blessings, Carie

  8. Lovely! I started a crocheted bedspread for my husband when I was 14. I met him when we were 16.

  9. Sarah, I know it is an unusually satisfying feeling to peek into a room and lovingly gaze upon a quilt one has made! You did a wonderful job coordinating (but not to look like you tried -- ha) all the neat calicoes you collected... lovely. Your little one will likely sleep under that quilt until she makes one for her little one.

    And, wow. How I would have loved finding 2 matching twin bed frames by the side of the road!! I've wanted to outfit our new guestroom with two antique twins and I searched over 3 months at thrift and flea booths never finding 2 to match... finally ordered two "iron" bed frames from Wayfair -- first time order from them and am happy with what we chose. Yours will be a family heirloom to treasure along with the story of God's surprising and fun provision!

    One last comment: Tell your husband that the extra fabric you have tucked away is helping him to save on his heating bill as it is providing extra insulation -- haha. (and all those books help too!)

  10. This is absolutely wonderful! The cozy handmade quilt will be a treasure for her I'm sure. I love how it drapes down the sides of the bed so nicely. Funny how I had a bed just like that for my daughter before they had to move into a bunkbed. Was sad to give it up. I'm glad that the bed is perfect for your little girl!

  11. Wow, this is just divinely beautiful! Well done! So very inspiring! I absolutely love it!

  12. This quilt you made for dear daughter is such a pretty labor of love, and the last picture of Winston relaxing on it makes me smile! :-D
    ~ Lynne

  13. This quilt is so beautiful, Sarah! I love the colors you chose and the pattern! What a treasured keepsake it will be.

  14. Really lovely, a Family Treasure for sure! All the little scraps from all those other projects! ~Roxy