Thursday, December 21, 2017

Christmas Books by Grace Livingston Hill

During the Christmas season I have always enjoyed taking some time to sit by the Christmas tree to read a Christmas story. Some of my favorite Christmas novels are by Grace Livingston Hill and I thought it was about time I shared my favorite titles here.
 Stranger Within the Gates is a rather unusual and at times humorous story. The book begins with a mother reading a letter from her college student son; he has written to say that he has married a girl that no one in his family knows. As the story unfolds the young man's family does their best to endure the Christmas season with a "stranger within their gates" - his new bride. In Grace Livingston Hill fashion this new member of the family adds some definite tension and drama to the Christmas season!

 The Substitute Guest is my favorite G.L. Hill Christmas novel! It tells the story of a world weary young man who finds himself unable to reach his Christmas destination due to a severe snow storm. Instead he ends up at a beautiful little farm belonging to a lovely family. They invite him to spend Christmas with them and since they have a daughter close to his age.... well you can guess what might be the outcome. : ) I especially enjoyed the descriptions of home and hearth in this book. It was so sweet and old-fashioned.

The Christmas Bride is an unlikely story of love between a terribly ill girl and a wealthy young man. Most of the story takes place throughout the rest of the year, but the wedding does take place at Christmas. It was a lovely cozy read.
April Gold may seem an unusual title to add to this list, however I just had to! The Christmas scenes depicted in this story are just perfect! April Gold is the story of a family of means going bankrupt and having to move to a little house on the wrong side of the tracks. Each member of the family must chip in to make ends meet. When Christmas comes they are surprised by visits from special friends, mother makes doughnuts and mincemeat pies. Overall, it is delightfully sweet and cozy!

The Gold Shoe is not actually a Christmas story, but it is a wintry tale that I thoroughly enjoyed! It is a book that made the rounds with my mom and aunt. We all unanimously agreed it was wonderful! A frivolous young woman accidentally gets off her train at the wrong station. She finds herself stranded at night at a desolate station. If that weren't bad enough she is caught in a blizzard garbed in an evening gown and gold party shoes. Much to her relief, and surprise, a handsome young man comes to her rescue and takes her back to his cozy home. It is a sweet romance that made me chuckle more than once.

Do you enjoy reading a good Christmas novel each year? What has been a favorite?


  1. I have read several on my Kindle and enjoyed their old that a word?!

  2. Some lovely new to me books that I will be looking for before next Christmas! Thank you and Merry Christmas!

  3. My sister and I are reading The Substitute Guest aloud right now. Such a cozy book! And the perfect excuse to cozy up early in this winter gloom. Wishing you a lovely Christmas!

  4. The Substitute Guest is one of my favorite GLH books, too.

  5. I love Grace Livingston Hill books - will check out the ones listed

  6. My favorite right now is An Endless Christmas by Cynthia Ruchti. I reviewed it in 2015, and I've read it again this year and loved it! Cozy home and extended family values. Here's my review.

    This year I also read The Christmas Pony by Melody Carlson. A feel good easy Christmas read.

    Blessings to you dear for the new year. I love visiting you here.
    Laura Lane
    Harvest Lane Cottage

  7. I've read "The Gold Shoe." I like the sober and steady young man and especially the young man's mother who took good care of the frivolous young woman when she snowbound. I like how Grace Livingston Hill makes it a priority to have the Gospel of our Lord in her stories. What can be more joyous than someone becoming a Christian?