Monday, October 16, 2017

Cricket in Cream

Earlier this month I finished knitting the Cricket sweater for my little girl.  When I first saw this cardigan pattern I was immediately taken with the little details: the textured knitting about the shoulders, the little pockets and the button binding. It reminded me of the sweaters worn by the children on "The Road to Avonlea" show. 
 I knitted the size 2 after reading that this pattern runs a little big. I am very happy that I did, as the size 2 is a bit big on my three year old! However I am pleased that it will last a while. : )
 The textured design was easily knitted and adds such old-fashioned sweetness to the sweater!
This was the first time I had knitted the neck and button ribbing after completing the body of the sweater. The button hole tutorial provided with the pattern was very nice and made nice sturdy button holes. I also loved the idea of adding embroidered ribbon to further stabilize the buttons and buttonholes.
 The vintage pearl buttons I used were a gift from a sweet blogging friend and were the perfect finishing touch!
This was my first attempt at knitting pockets. It proved to be much easier than I thought and my little darling is so pleased to have a sweater with pockets!


  1. Sara, your knitting is beautiful!! Your sweet little girls is so blessed to have such a talented Mama. I can't believe that she is already three! Time does fly. May the LORD JESUS CHRIST bless you, your family, and the rest of your week.

    Carie Dirks

  2. So very pretty, and what a good idea to have the ribbon to support the buttons. I wonder what she will find to tuck in the pockets!

  3. You did a great job ~ it's adorable! ♡

  4. Hi Sarah:)
    How very beautiful!

  5. The sweater is precious. It will be a wonderful addition to your little girls wardrobe for these cold months ahead.
    xx Beca

  6. This sweater reminds me of Road to Avonlea, too! It's lovely! I will have to knit one for Ivy:)

  7. So very beautiful, and so much work. Love the little details you've added, and the pockets are so nice!

  8. It's beautiful! You did a wonderful job with it! :)