Saturday, October 15, 2016

Goldilocks Inspired Dress

Over the years my mom has sewn many beautiful dresses inspired by European folk wear. We both have worked to create and alter designs for our website and Etsy page. Recently we received a request to alter one of our designs to resemble an illustration from Jan Brett's "Goldilocks and the Three Bears".

Usually my mom sews all of our European dresses, however she was completely booked for the month and I had a little extra time, so I was given this project. : )

My mom has a beautiful collection of floral ribbons. We thought this ribbon looked quite similar to the illustration. The customer had mentioned that she liked the hand embroidery shown on our original dress, so I decided to try and incorporate both. It was fun to match the embroidery floss to the colors in the ribbon.
I added little cap sleeves to the dirndl. The sleeve pattern I used was called an "angel" sleeve. It was a little larger and fuller than I liked, so I cut it down to the size that I thought was "just right".
And to finish the ensemble I sewed a long sleeve peasant blouse from white batiste. It is always fun to see what ideas and inspiration customers send our way.


  1. That is so beautiful - I would love to wear that dress!

  2. Oh, Sarah...this dress is simply breathtaking! I love it ever so creative you are! And the floral ribbons and gorgeous sleeves... Oh, this dress just says "Goldilocks", so a very well done to you! I am sure the recipient was so pleased with this... {{Smiles}}
    Have a blessed weekend further...much love to you!

  3. So pretty, reminding me of Austrian dress.

  4. Oh, it's just adorable!! It does look Austrian. So cute!!

  5. Dear Sarah,
    This dress is so do such lovely work! You must have such fun making sweet little things for your darling daughter. I also love the little dressmakers dummy that you have...perfect for displaying your beautiful work...
    Sweet blessings,