Friday, September 5, 2014

Lilacs in September

The other evening when Adam I were returning from a walk we discovered that one of our lilac bushes was in bloom! We were very surprised to smell the beautiful fragrance of spring on a September evening.

The following day I decided I should take a couple pictures and pick one of the lilacs to press in a book.

Never before have I seen a lilac blooming in September, but it was a delightful surprise!


  1. Dear Sarah, I think it is a sweet sign that God gave you one of your favorite flowers to bless you! I do not I have every seen a lilac bloom this time of year either! A special thing for sure! Yours, Roxy

  2. Dear Sarah ... such a sweet little pleasure. I hope that you have a lovely weekend. Blessings ♥ Teri

  3. That is so neat that your lilac bloomed in September. My mom has lilac's and I have never seen one of them bloom in the fall.

  4. How beautiful! I hope to plant some lilacs soon! :) They are a favorite of mine too!

  5. I when I was a teenager we lived in a house with a lilac tree in the back. I'll always remember the sweet fragrance. Beautiful!

  6. That is amazing! and so odd. What a wonderful extra blessing!

  7. We have four lilac bushes & not one is flowering. How wonderful for you.
    I have just found your blog, it is beautiful.
    Fondly Michelle

  8. A delightful surprise indeed! How wonderful to smell their sweet fragrance in September :) Enjoy, sweet friend!

  9. Just beautiful ~ and, yes, strange to be blooming now.
    I think I would have pressed one too.
    Enjoy your Sunday!

  10. Dear Sara, I ah really enjoyed your blog, just encontratlo and it is a marvel. It is a pleasure to find kindred spirits, which, in turn, give us good advice and explanations. From what I read already has to have been born the baby or will miss little if so congratulations.
    A big hug for all the family.
    MÂȘ Carmen.

  11. My lilac has a few blossoms also. I read on the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel site that it can happen when the bush is stressed and then returns to normal. It must have been the drought followed by cooler wet weather. It's a nice surprise for September!

    1. Thank you for sharing, Pattie! That is very interesting. My lilac has not blossomed in September since 2014, but it was certainly a treat.