Tuesday, July 1, 2014


 I have been excitedly watching the clematis growing by our back door. I noticed several blossoms last week and knew that it would not be long before the blossoms bloomed into an abundance of beautiful flowers. The other evening when we came home we were greeted with the first few flowers and today it is in full bloom!

Aren't they beautiful? I love the rich purple color.

Last week mom and I visited our favorite greenhouse; it is owned by a Mennonite family. They have the prettiest flowers and best deals. While there I spotted this little wagon planter and could not resist purchasing it. I thought it was a great idea since it can be used each year.

                           I hope you are all enjoying a lovely week! What is blooming in your gardens?

"How many are your works, Lord In wisdom you made them all; the earth is full of your creatures." Psalm 104:24


  1. How pretty! Today my husband and I made a glass light fixture bird bath I saw on pinterest. It turned out pretty cute! We love our roses too!
    Love the little wagon

  2. The clematis is beautiful, and the little planter wagon is so cute! Lots blooming in my gardens now, but I'm especially excited about the sweet peas.
    Have a good week! ♥

  3. Beautiful flowers! What a joy for them to greet you each day :)

  4. My sister gave me a clematis for Easter. It is doing very well, but doesn't have a permanent home yet! Yours is magnificent. I am anxiously awaiting the blooming of the hydrangeas. Can't wait!

  5. Not a lot is happening in my garden as it is the middle of winter. In a month or so the daffodils will add a splash of colour in the garden then we will almost be into spring. Your flowers were lovely to gaze upon :))

  6. That color is just gorgeous! What an incredibly beautiful plant. And what a cute find- that wagon planter adds such a neat touch to your yard.

    Have a blessed day, dear friend♥

    Hope you are having a wonderful start to the week!