Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Wedding Cake, Flowers and Music

My sister Rachel made my wedding cake. Isn't it incredible? I love roses, especially pink roses, so she designed our cake with that in mind.

         Rachel also baked and decorated an impressive number of cupcakes. They were delicious!

                  She even used gold glitter sprinkles and small pearl sprinkles. So pretty.

                                             A close-up of the beautiful roses and pearls.

                                       Left to right: Rachel, Sarah (me) and Hannah.

Rachel and I made the wedding bouquets the morning of the wedding. The afternoon before I went to the grocery store and purchased a variety of pink and white flowers. Rachel made my bouquet, it had a large white peony in the center, it smelled wonderful!

Hannah and Adam's brothers Asa and Noah lead worship during the service. We all sang "As the Deer", one of my favorite songs, and "Here I am to Worship". They also sang a special love song called "If You Could See What I See". They sounded terrific. I wish I could have included a video of them singing, but here is a video I found on Youtube so you can at least hear the song by the original artist.

                     And to close this post Hannah and grandpa dancing. I love this photo. : )


  1. Your sister did a wonderful job! Beautiful!
    It is so nice to also have great photographs so you can "re-live" the memories!

    Thanks for sharing your special day!

  2. What a beautiful cake! Your sister is very talented.
    It looked like a beautiful wedding in every way.
    God bless your lives together. :-)

  3. Your wedding dress is so pretty! I just love your bridesmaids dresses too - such a lovely floral. :)