Saturday, November 24, 2012


Here are some photos from my Thanksgiving Day. It was a beautifully sunny day and unseasonably warm for November here in upstate New York.

Mom, my sister Rachel and I spent most of Wednesday busy in the kitchen. We listened to Christmas music and had a great time just being together. Since Rachel married in 2011, it always a treat to have her at home cooking with us. : )

The photo above is of our table setting and the three pies Rachel and I baked. I am always on a quest to find the best pecan pie recipe. This year I tried a recipe I found on the Country Cook website- one of my favorite places to find recipes.

Mom busy in the kitchen! Each year mom cooks up the best meat dressing. The recipe is one that has been handed down several generations by my mother's relatives from Germany. Yum!

                                                       The house looking cozy and busy. : )

Here is a recipe for the rolls I baked: yeast rolls. I thought it was a tasty recipe.

       Me and my dear Adam. I was peeling potatoes when my sister Hannah wanted to snap our photo.

Micah, my most adorble nephew, celebrating his first Thanksgiving. He tried butternut squash for the first time, and loved it. Doesn't he look sooo cute sitting up at the table?

                                         My sister Rachel and her husband Spencer- Micah's mom and dad.

                                                              Mom and my sister Hannah.
                                  We all had a wonderful day filled with the LORD’s abundant blessings!

Last night we watched "By the Light of the Silvery Moon"; it is a Thanksgiving tradition. I thought I would share this song as it is so much fun, and made me think of all the excitment at our house.

Also , from November 24th through November 30th all items in my Etsy shop will be 10% off. Just use coupon code 10percent when checking out. : ) I am adding some new items over the next day or two.


  1. I loved a sneak peek into your Thanksgiving Day! I had to comment on your peeling potatoes, as I'm the offical potato peeler at my family's house. ;) Cute apron, too!

  2. What fun pictures!
    I have for many years used half honey and half corn syrup for Pecan Pie. I can't even remember what a non honey pecan pie tasts likes. Lol! This year I also added cinnamon to my pie, which I really liked.

    1. Heide,

      Hmmm... honey sounds wonderful! I will have to give that a try. : )

  3. Hello There!
    I really love your blog. I have just become your new follower, I am looking forward to your future posts! :D I hope you are having a really good week.
    Lots of Love,

    1. Thank you Chloe! I am so happy to know that you have enjoyed my blog. : )